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4th Disciple, is a experienced audio recording, mix and mastering engineer with a keen eye and meticulous attention to detail. Proven “on point” development of all aspects of practical application of audio engineering science and technology that include capturing and aggressively moving on quick turnaround initiatives and solidifying music partnerships. 4th Disciple was Assistant Engineer on several tracks with the Rza on the Multi-Platinum three Wu-Tang Clan solo ventures, including mixing credits for some of Raekwon's “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx”. 4th Disciple’s creative skills and talents as a music composer has lead to his participation on various Independent and major label recording projects with artists such as the multi-platinum group Wu-Tang Clan and various of its members solo projects. Also artists and groups such as Killarmy, Grave Diggaz, Sunz of Man, La Tha Darkman, Freeway, Vinnie Paz, and many more. His distinctive Audio Designs has appeared on Gold and Platinum Commercial Releases adding to the wide variety of classics under his belt and motion picture soundtrack releases, as he always re-invents himself, making his sound designs in a different aspect compared to the masses.




Mixing Mastering Music Production

4thdisciple's Jobs

Stereo Mastering Stereo Mastering
Stereo Mastering
fixed Rate 40.00 USD
Pro Quality Audio Mixing Services Pro Quality Audio Mixing Services
Pro Quality Audio Mixing Services
fixed Rate 275.00 USD